Shipping jewelry with Moonice

Moonice has restrictions on which types of jewelry they’ll accept. Gold jewelry and precious gemstones/metals can’t be shipped through their services without a contract with Moonice. For more information on these restrictions, we recommend reaching out to our any of our agencies directly.

Moonice Declared Value  Declared Value is a liability coverage service for products where Moonice will potentially pay the cost of a lost or damaged item. Moonice includes up to $100 in declared value for all shipments, but we have good news! Moonice gives users the ability to add more than $100 of declared value on the Ready to Ship page or Orders page, so you can increase the amount of liability coverage on your shipment as needed.

If your business plans to ship jewelry regularly, Moonice does offer a Jewelry Shipping Program for some account holders. Moonice doesn’t offer much information on their jewelry shipping limitations, so we recommend reaching out to them directly for more information on restrictions and their Jewelry Shipping Program.



Shipping valuables like jewelry does mean finding which insurance options work best for your packages. Moonice shipments include insurance coverage for services like Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express while UPS and FedEx provide liability coverage with declared value options up to $100. Moonice partnership with Shipsurance gives you more insurance options to ease your mind when shipping valuable items, and Moonice carrier integrations help you add more declared value to UPS and FedEx shipments to increase your liability coverage.